5 Interior Styling Tips to create a Picture-Perfect Rustic Kitchen

If the kitchen is the heart of your home - the space in which you find family and friends naturally gather - it would be well worth your time and resources to give it the design attention it deserves. Here at Bailehomme, we’re not ashamed to admit our love for rustic styles, especially for the kitchen. Characterised by homey and hearty natural textures, a rustic kitchen not only instantly invokes a welcoming atmosphere but is also, if composed by real and high-quality materials and furnishings, as hardy as it looks. 

Whether you decide to go full monty with a traditional country cabin look or infuse a smattering of pastoral touches, here are five simple ways to make your kitchen #rusticchic. 


Kitchen view


dining table setting

You won’t go wrong with a monochrome cotton runner that will match most table settings.


1. Rugged & nubby natural textures  


Furnishings and decor made from natural materials inject instant warmth and cosiness, a quintessential element of rustic kitchens. Seamlessly set those idyllic pastoral vibes by following this simple decorative rule: The coarser the textures and fabrics used around the space, the more rustic the mood. Consider nubby textures such as open-weave cotton runners for the kitchen island or even jute napkin rings that add a nice organic finish to your table setting. 


Naturally-sourced and made furnishings are also sustainable, using less resources in the production process and typically last longer than synthetic products. 


two kitchen counter stools

Comfortable yet sturdy oak stools add contrast to the dark kitchen island.


2. Set a social scene 


Traditional farmhouses typically sport an open-concept kitchen that integrates the kitchen with the breakfast bar and occasionally even the dining room. This casual layout encourages smooth transition between the spaces, allowing occupants to interact easily with each other. 


Make those conversations extra comfortable by introducing multiple seating options - an island counter with stools nearer the prep zone, along with plenty of cushy chairs to the dining table for more formal sit-down meals. 


Vase on a kitchen counter

A terracotta vase adds panache to any floral arrangement.



3. Bring the outdoors in


Or another way of saying, plants and hints of green are right at home in rustic kitchens. Whether it is a low-maintenance plant like Spanish moss or a green thumb-necessitating bonsai tree, some flora in the kitchen can instantly infuse a measure of bucolic charm. 


Besides, there are health benefits to having plants indoors. Biophilic design, or the concept of incorporating nature into built environments, has been proven to have indisputable benefits to our well-being.


White leather dining chairs

White leather dining chairs add a touch of class



4. Earthy Tones


Natural, neutral colours such as white, beige, and brown dominate a rustic colour palette. By varying the warmth of these earthy hues, one can achieve a range of moods and looks even without having to introduce any bold or garish shades. A soothing and simple pastoral scene is the ideal, so keep things muted and monochrome.      

Decors on a coffee table

Handwoven baskets made from natural seagrass 


5. Handmade Pieces


Part of the appeal behind the rustic aesthetic is its unique, honest and, almost inimitable, character. One way to really heighten those qualities is to curate a few handmade decor pieces where possible, especially when considering the centre pieces in the kitchen and even elsewhere in the home. 


To get more inspiration and ideas for a rustic, chic look, come and visit our Showroom at 217 Henderson Road #01-06 Singapore 159555. 


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