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Product Focus: Tavert & Astrid Lounge Chairs by Bailehomme


Astrid lounge chair in Olive



Unpretentious. Rustic. Versatile. It is no wonder that our Tavert and Astrid lounge chairs are favourites with our customers, and some of our proudest creations.  


Composed of a solid oak frame and leather seats, with a woven leather back, the Tavert and Astrid chairs share the same elegant mid-century silhouette. Their compact size makes them easy to place, even in small spaces, and their low height allows the individual to sit in various positions comfortably, be it with their legs crossed or curled up, or anything in between. The reclining backrest and seat induce the individual to immediately assume a relaxed, laid back posture - it lives up to its name, a chair made to lounge in.  


While similar in shape, Tavert and Astrid differ in three key ways.

Available in Camel and White, the Tavert is an armchair with a woven leather backrest and seat. The more casual Astrid comes without arms, with a solid leather seat. The Astrid comes in three colour ways - white, olive and navy.  



Versatile Design 


Timelessness and adaptability are the virtues that underpin the chairs’ designs. We wanted to create versatile pieces that could sit perfectly at home across a broad range of interior styles, from Scandinavian and Japandi, to eclectic and modern contemporary. 


From their silhouette, materiality, and colour palette, these components were carefully considered and combined in order to conceive a pair of modern classic pieces. Well-crafted yet understated, our customers have found their chairs to blend effortlessly in nearly all their communal spaces. 



Raw Form


Tavert and Astrid are set apart from similar designs in their raw and rustic finishes. There is no artificial sheen of lacquer or other surface coatings on the wooden frames, nor is there a waxy glaze on the leather seats. The omission of these surface finishes allow the natural charm of the solid oak and leather to come through, giving them a pure, rustic look. 



Quality & Craftsmanship 


In both the material selection and manufacturing process are the chairs held to high standards of sustainability and quality. 


The wooden frames of Tavert and Astrid lounge chairs are made of solid oak, a hardwood characterised by its strength and durability, which ensures a long lifespan for our furniture. Made in Indonesia, the oak wood used for the frames are sourced locally, sustainably and legally, complying with industry standards such as FLEGT that ascertain that timber products are legally logged. 


Our lounge chairs use vegetable-tanned leather instead of the more common chrome-tanned leather because of its superior attributes and lesser impact on the environment. Although a lengthier and more costly way of tanning, vegetable tanned leather produces a more natural-looking leather that is more durable than its chrome-treated counterparts. 


The vegetable tanned leather on our lounge chairs give off a fragrant scent and will adjust to the individual’s body over time. With age and use, the leather will develop an attractive patina and natural gloss. The leather on our Tavert and Astrid chairs are able to breathe and adjust to the individual’s body. Over time, the leather will develop an attractive patina that comes with wear. 



Care Instructions


The chairs should be placed indoors or in shaded spaces as direct sunlight and outdoor elements will cause the leather to discolor and diminish in quality. 


For everyday cleaning, remove dust with a soft cloth. Liquid spills should be immediately dabbed or blotted dry and soiled spots can be removed using a cleaning eraser. 

Product Dimensions


Tavert - H70cm x W70cm x D80cm 

Astrid - H70cm x W64cm x D80cm 

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