Is leather good for dining chairs in Singapore?


Our customers sometimes ask us before purchasing our leather chairs - "is the leather real?


To which we answer wholeheartedly yes it is :)


Although leather is a natural material, we wanted to achieve for our chairs a sturdy, reliable and that it can withstand heavy (bottom and back) use.


Enter Vegetable Tanned leather. 


What is Vegetable Tanned Leather?

The time taken to produce vegetable tanned leather can be approximately 2 months requiring a longer tanning process and craftsmen - not automated machines. Which in turn keeps these knowledge workers gainfully employed in rural countries.


Steps required in VT process:

Curing - Liming - De-liming - Tanning - Dying - Treatment


If you notice on our Clogher Dining Chairs, the leather is breathable and fits your body as you sit down. You feel a sense of 'soft sturdiness'. 

What we love about the VT leather appearance is that each chair is unique because the grain of the leather is visible. The hides feature different characteristics which is a true sign of authenticity.

Vegetable Tanned leather is more expensive compared to Chrome tanning, due to the steps required in the process. For a quality leather product, whether it be a wallet, chair, shoes - you really do get what you pay for.


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