When to Purchase my Furniture during Renovation | Singapore

The first question is are you purchasing your home furniture locally or overseas? If buying selected pieces from say Italy or France you may require a lead time of about 6 months - due to stock shortages and the pandemic affecting shipments, so do plan early.

If buying locally, it pays to go shopping early and see when the sales and deals will be happening. Do check with your Interior Designer before you go shopping to ensure you visit the stores in line with your chosen style and furniture budget. 

When at the store do verify measurements, stock availability and planning delivery dates.

Do plan to deliver the furniture closer to the ending of your renovation. Workers will not like having to work around your boxed 3 seater sofa or dining table, so space may be of the essence. Keep in regular communication with your Interior Designer of when the project will be ending as sometimes this date can alter based on the speed and availability of the workers carrying out your renovation.

At Bailehomme our warehouse is based in Singapore and only operate a pre-order basis for new upcoming shipments. We understand that our customers need their furniture delivered quickly, so we aim to provide a fast delivery service of our stocked items. 

Happy furniture Hunting!


Image source: Haus Atelier | West Coast | Singapore

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