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Are solid wood dining room tables hard to take care of?

Not at all! We do have a few recommendations:

  • Use coasters or placemats under beverages and use hot pads under pots, pans, or other serving dishes that contain hot food.
  • Rotate your tablescape so the sun doesn’t fade the finish around it, and stick felt onto the underside of candlesticks, jars, etc., to keep them from scratching your tabletop.
  • Skip the furniture polish, and wipe your table down with a clean, slightly damp cotton cloth. Dry it after you’ve cleaned it to soak up any remaining water beads.
  • Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight and try to keep the temperature in your room as constant as you can.

Your dining table or kitchen table should be big enough to accommodate both your everyday and special occasion seating needs. We also suggest leaving about 3 feet of space between your dining room table, the wall, and nearby furniture, so you can scoot dining chairs in and out and move easily around the room.

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