Product Care


Please take these as care tips only.

Bailehomme at no way guarantees the below cleaning suggestions.

For best results and information, you can also always contact a specialised leather cleaner to discuss your specific problem as they will be better able to assist you.

Just like our skin, leather does need maintenance to enhance its features. You could try the following:

Use a lightly damp cloth to wipe clear dirt and dust from the surface then wipe immediately with a dry cloth.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean hard to reach areas.

To prevent cracks, apply a leather conditioner at least twice a year.

If you have pets, consider applying a protective leather material.

Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent cracks and fading.

For grease and liquid stains, clean with a dry cloth and allow to air dry.

Avoid detergents, soaps and cleaning agents as this may make the stains worse.

Minor scratches can be fixed using a soft cloth dabbed in leather conditioner or oil. A leather restoration kit can be used in the event of deep scratches.